Short answer: what year New York was founded:

New York City, the most populous city in the United States, was originally settled as a trading post by European colonizers from the Netherlands called New Amsterdam. It was officially chartered and established on September 8th, 1664.

What is the exact year of New York City’s founding?

What is the exact year of New York City’s founding? This question has puzzled many historians and researchers over the years. While there are different opinions on the matter, most agree that it was founded in the early 17th century.

1. Several European explorers, including Henry Hudson and Giovanni da Verrazzano, discovered Manhattan Island before its establishment as a city.
2. In 1624, Dutch settlers arrived in what is now known as Lower Manhattan and established a trading post called New Amsterdam.
3. The English took control of New Amsterdam from the Dutch in 1664 during Anglo-Dutch wars and renamed it New York after James Stuart, Duke of York.
4.The development of trade routes fueled rapid growth for this emerging city throughout colonial times until independence.

Despite some debates surrounding specific dates or events leading to its foundation, scholars generally acknowledge that New York City began taking shape around these time periods when European settlements were being established along North America’s east coast.

New York City rose to prominence due to factors such as immigration waves starting with British colonization up until present-day global migration trends which influenced demographics dramatically; flourishing commerce made possible by its strategic location for international
The diverse culture inspired new artistic movements like Harlem renaissance later Attraction lots acclaimed classical artists & jazz musicians

In conclusion,
the exact year of NYC’s founding can be traced back roughly to between 1624-1667 depending on how one chooses define “founding”. Its rise from humble beginnings into an influential metropolis full history vibrant diversity remains undeniable legacy today

Who was responsible for establishing and founding New York?

Who was responsible for establishing and founding New York? This question takes us back to the early days of European exploration in America. Let’s delve into the history.

1. Henry Hudson: The English explorer Henry Hudson is largely credited with discovering and exploring what would become New York City in 1609.
2. Dutch West India Company: In 1614, Adriaen Block built a trading post on Manhattan Island under the sponsorship of this company.
3. Peter Minuit: Under orders from the Dutch West India Company, Peter Minuit famously bought Manhattan Island from Native Americans for goods worth around $24 in 1626.

In subsequent years, control over New Amsterdam (as it was then called) shifted between England and Netherlands during conflicts until…

4. Treaty of Breda: Signed in July 1667 as part of negotiations ending another Anglo-Dutch War, this treaty formally handed over control of New Netherland to England.

However, let’s explore some key players who influenced the development:

– Governor Richard Nicolls led an expedition that captured Fort Amsterdam without bloodshed at its surrendering by Director-General Stuyvesant in September 1664.
– Colonel Thomas Dongan served as a governor appointed by King James II when he issued a Charter granting religious freedom while governing mainly Catholic subjects—ensuring cultural diversity expanded since different groups like Huguenots found sanctuary there with others alongside Lutherans or Jews already living among Protestants!

So ultimately,

New York can be attributed to explorers like Henry Hudson; companies such as The Dutch West Indian company; individuals including Peter Minuit buying Manhattan island along actors behind political shifts before British ownership wedged permanently through events leading up-to full incorporation within colonial rule thanks due contributions made both leaders mentioned above named respectively-duration existing name change giving “birth” now one most prominent cities globally all began!

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