Can I Share My New York Times Subscription?

Yes, you certainly can! Depending on your subscription type, you may have the option to share your New York Times subscription or a bonus subscription with others. Go to Your Account and under Share the Times if you find a Bonus subscription; this means that friends and family can enjoy complimentary access to on any device and the New York Times apps for as long as you remain a subscriber. Let me show you how.

How to Share Your NYT Subscription?

Here are the steps to share a bonus subscription:

  1. Click on Account account in the upper right corner

account nyt

2 Under the ‘Share the Times’ section, Under ‘Bonus subscriptions,’ click ‘Manage.’


share nyt2

3-Enter the email address of your chosen recipient, then Click Send the invite.

enter emali nyt

Once they accept the invitation, they must create their own account if they don’t already have one. This account must be registered with a different email address than the one currently associated with a New York Times digital subscription.

How to Share a New York Times Article on Facebook?

Sharing insightful articles on social platforms like Facebook is straightforward.

How do I share an article in the New York Times? When I find an article I want to share, I click the share icon, usually near the article title or at the end.

share nyt facebook

Then click on Facebook; this allows you to share the article directly on your Facebook timeline, making it visible to your friends and followers.


How do I Email a New York Times article?

Like Facebook, click the share icon near the article title or at the end of the article, then click Email. It will open Outlook Email on your PC. 

Email NYT

Or click on the Copy link icon and send it through any email provider you have an account with.


How to cancel Your NYT Subscription with Your Recipient?

  1. Go to Account, under ‘Share the Times,’ and select ‘Manage’ next to ‘Bonus subscriptions.
  2. Choose ‘Revoke’ next to the recipient’s email and confirm.

How to Gift NYT Article?

Learn how to use the gift article feature on and the New York Times news app. As a subscriber, you can gift up to 10 news articles monthly.

The gifted articles can be read by recipients regardless of whether they have a subscription, and they have 30 days to read the article before access is revoked.

To share a gift article:

  1. Select the ‘Share full article’ button on the article page.

share nyt 10 articles gift

  1. A panel will display how many gift articles you have left to share,
  2. Share the article using the gift button.

gift article

When you click the “Share full article” button, your remaining gift article count will be displayed. Each press of this button deducts one gift article, even if the article isn’t shared.

However, a single gift article can be sent to several people without reducing your available shares. Gift articles must be shared exclusively through the designated Gift button and specific sharing methods.

Note: Gift articles do not count towards the limited number of articles available to non-subscribers.

Send Gift Article For iOS Users:

  1. Navigate to Account: Tap the person icon in the top right corner of the New York Times app.
  2. Locate the Gift Shares Section: Just below the ‘Saved For Later’ section, you will find the ‘Gift Shares’ section.
  3. View Gifted Articles: Select ‘View All Gift Shares’ to see the details and status of the articles you have gifted.

Send Gift Article  For Android Users:

  1. Access Settings from Home or You tab: From the home page or the ‘You’ tab of the New York Times app, tap the Settings (gear) icon.
  2. Find the Gift Shares Section: Look for the ‘Gift Shares’ section within the settings.
  3. See All Gifted Articles: Tap ‘See all in Gift Shares’ to view information about the articles you have shared.

How to Gift a New York Times Subscription?

To gift NY subscriptions, you need to log in or sign up. if you don’t have an account, go to, sign up, and then choose your gift.

If you already have an account

You can go direct to the, or

Go to your account, and under Share the Times, you will find Gift subscriptions; click on See options

buy nyt subsciption gift

Then it will take you to the buying page

Enter the recipient information, and you are good to go.


By being well-informed about both the legality aspects of sharing your New York Times Subscription and adhering strictly to common ethics principles, you can enjoy enhanced convenience while avoiding any pitfalls arising from inappropriate behavior contrary to policies defined by the publication.

Remember—sharing is caring—but let’s do it right!

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